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Design Consultation

We can help you set the mood.

Whatever your vibe, we are here for it! We want to help you cast vision for what you want your place to make you feel! We can help source any to all the pieces you need. Let us help create a space your guests won't soon forget!

We'll help your home feel more 'you'

We know how to find that one of a kind perfect piece! You can give us your inspiration or we can help steer you in the right direction so you are feeling excited every time you step into your space!

Have a home office space that could use a little love?

We get it. So many of us are at home working right now. Why not make that space much more enjoyable? We'd like to like to help make it less of a drag to be in your office all day!

It's all about the details

And we want to take care of them for you. That's why we offer:

* Interior Consulting
* Project Management
* Contractor Referrals
* Sourcing of Items
* Installation
* Graphic Design
* Event Planning & Execution

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